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Visit from Peter Eriksson, the minister of Housing and Digital Development

Peter Eriksson trying out Berge's state of the art VR!

Breakfast mingle at a ToppenMorgon seminar

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THE BRIDGE SUMMIT  Welcome to a two-day summit, focusing on Good Health & Well-being and Sustainable Cities & Communities. The themes are picked from The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Meet world leading scientists, ground breaking entrepreneurs, influential opinion makers and some of the best regarded thought leaders. Get inspiration, valuable contacts, knowledge and business opportunities. When? August,…



Power Hour is a shortcut to the market for driven innovators in the connected world whose ideas have growth potential. At the monthly Power Hour event, senior experts from member organizations of Mobile Heights give high quality feedback and share contacts to promising innovators and entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas. More information REGISTRATION By invitation…


MOBILE HEIGHTS TOPPENMORGON – Optimised IoT Product Development

MOBILE HEIGHTS TOPPENMORGON – Optimised IoT Product Development To bring a new IoT hardware product on the market is a challenging task. Many companies have failed to meet their time to market schedule because of the complexity of choosing the right components, testing and designing for production, as well as having the optimal logistical solution. How can you develop an IoT…