New Cloud research Institute in Skåne to reinforce Sweden’s Mobile Technology Industry

Lund University, Region Skåne and Sony Mobile have partnered to create a new research institute:
the Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute at Lund University (MAPCI).
MAPCI will focus on distributed cloud technology – a new area combining communications and software technologies, and take on the explicit role of bridge-builder between existing mobile research centers in southern Sweden as well as with industry. The institute will be a part of Lund University, but located in the same campus as Sony Mobile, Ericsson and ST-Ericsson in Lund. The inauguration of MAPCI will take place before the summer of 2013.

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Ladda ner större bild: Mats Ekstrand

Mats Ekstrand
CEO Mobile Heights
Press contact:
Petronella Warg
+46 (0)733 424 923


Ladda ner större bild: Björn Ekelund

Björn Ekelund                    Acting Director MAPCI
Press contact:
Petronella Warg
+46 (0)733 424 923


Ladda ner större bild: Christer Norström

Christer Norström
VD Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Press contact:
Kersti Hedman
+46 (0)706 224 158

Ladda ner större bild: Anders Axelsson

Anders Axelsson
Dean, Faculty of Engieering LTH at Lund University
Contact:              +46 (0)705 61 96 65

Ladda ner större bild: Pia Kinhult

Pia Kinhult
First Governor, Region Skåne
Press contact:
Johan Folin
+46 (0)721 99 83 85

Ladda ner större bild: Bengt-Arne Molin

Bengt-Arne Molin
Site Manager Sony Mobile, Lund
Press contact: Lina Andersson
+46 (0)703 11 18 43

Ladda ner större bild: Per Eriksson

Per Eriksson
Vice chancellor, Lund University
+46 (0)708 24 71 06

Ladda ner större bild: Maria Khorsand

Maria Khorsand
CEO and President, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Press contact:
Niklas Grybe
+46 (0)705 715 881

Institute definition

The Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute at Lund University is being inaugurated in the spring of 2013 in collaboration between the mobile industry, Lund University and the Regional Council of Skåne.
The purpose is to strengthen and act as an umbrella for mobile communications related research and innovation being conducted at the university and as a bridge between industry and academia. The institute will put particular emphasis on distributed mobile cloud research.
The institute will recruit professors, researchers and other staff for conducting graduate research and contract education as well as for other activities supporting the exchange of ideas and competence between industry and academia.
The objective of establishing the institute is to confirm and strengthen Skåne as an international and national hub for research, innovation and commercialization within the mobile communications area.

Download full PDF here MAPCI institute definition extern