These multi-disciplinary projects create possibilities for members to cooperate in creating innovative and competitive solutions to the grand challenges of our future society – solutions leading to international competitiveness in business and research.

In these projects, the public sector is often an important customer by demanding solutions to complex societal problems, for example within the fields of Connected Health and Connected Cities.


IoT för innovativ samhällsutveckling – IoT for innovative society development
The project consists of two concrete pilot projects. The projects sum up to deliver a unique solution for individual needs through responsive infrastructure in workplaces and public areas. The data flow should improve the city planning. To enable this, a model for open sensor infrastructure will be created. The open sensor infrastructure allows different actors to create new IoT services. Therefore, it can be considered as a step towards a connected city development.

This project is run in collaboration with Mobile Heights, SP and a group of other companies within the region. It is financed by Vinnova and is led by the City of Lund.

Like almost every other industry the car industry has to find new ways to be/stay competitive. The SHOP project will enhance the understanding of the competencies and structures which need to be developed to open up innovation processes in the automotive industry. Moreover, the project will help to understand how new external suppliers can increase opportunities to establish themselves within the car industry.

Mobile Heights assignment is to introduce and connect our members to future IoT development. This project is run in collaboration with Mobile Heights and Volvo. It is financed by Vinnova.


Minimum Viable Device
In the project Minimum Viable Device (MVD) Mobile Heights investigated the possibility of developing an open connectivity device, built as an open horizontal platform, key enabler to connect all industry verticals, preparing for 50 billion connected devices 2020.
READi for Health 
A project that aims to strengthen the research potential of four leading eHealth regions (Murcia, Skåne, Oulu and Midi-Pyrénées) by supporting their triple helix clusters to become world-class players in domains related to the EU Digital Agenda for Healthcare.