Case Study about Mobile Heights

Mobile Heights was part of a qualitative case study at Lunds University. Gripwall, Sofia; Lordh, Hanna; Melin, Elisabet and Wingårdh, Filippa chose to write their thesis about:

The importance of physical contact in the development of social capital within clusters – A case study of Mobile Heights.

We are glad that some of the Mobile Heights members and we as a cluster organisation were able to contribute to this highly interesting study. You can read about the results and the full study here.

IoT Research Database – Coming up soon

Curious what Mobile Heights academic community members are working on and if there might be some cooperation possibilities for your business (idea)?

Mobile Heights will provide a database about current IoT research projects at Lund University, Malmö University & Kristianstad University. The database selection will be based on Mobile Heights areas of interest and does not represent an all-embracing database.