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Mobile Heights has received the Gold Label for Cluster Management.

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  • Are you interested in exploring the potential in Open Collaborative Data (OCD) for machine learning? Join us in a w… ,
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  • Medlemmar! Välkomna till AFTER WORK - OM ATT ÅLDRAS HÅLSOSAMT den 26/3 hos Orkla i Malmö! Arrangeras av Livsmedelsa… ,



Workshop: Open Collaborative Data (OCD) as an innovation platform for machine learning applications

  Are you interested in exploring the potential in Open Collaborative Data (OCD) for machine learning to ensure competitive and innovative Swedish companies? Join us in a workshop! What?: Under the slogan “Data is the new oil”, many businesses try to collect as much data they can from their customers, products, and public sources, especially…


SEAVUS LUNCH SEMINAR: How to design a secure IoT device

  Seavus lunch seminar in collaboration with Mobile Heights. Designing a device that is meant to be connected to the internet must include a set of fine-tuned mechanisms to make it as resilient as possible to hacker “sharks” waiting to exploit a new/unprotected device. During this lunch seminar, we will make a short overview of the standard…



Mobile Heights will attend a matchmaking event for German and Swedish clusters that are interested in cooperations at Hannover Fair on April 3, 2019. If you are a Mobile Heights member and would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! Aline Studemund aline.studemund(at)