Accelerating applied AI - Mobile Heights hosts
AI Sweden's office in South of Sweden

AI Sweden is the Swedish National Center for applied Artificial Intelligence (AI), supported by the Swedish government and the public and private sectors across the country.

The mission is to accelerate the understanding around Artificial Intelligence, and to help organisations get started with AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden.

AI Sweden supports you on your AI journey, and helps organisations plan, act and collaborate around AI.

By doing so, we can accelerate AI applications and their results, all with a strong emphasis on innovation, security and ethics. As the host of AI Sweden’s node in southern Sweden, Mobile Heights is home to a competent AI team that supports and connects partners + projects in Skåne and Blekinge to the national realm. We contribute to a culture of sharing, cooperation, and action in the AI-ecosystem.

Becoming a partner of AI Sweden enables you to explore, strengthen and accelerate your business strategy, data-led innovation, and the implementation/use of AI.

Today, we run AI initiatives in collaboration with over 100 partners across the country. This includes projects, training and learning, focus groups within various networks as well as strategic, targeted programs (such as the AI Sweden Start-up Program and the Executive AI Accelerator). In addition, AI Sweden’s Data Factory and Edgelab enables partners to explore, make available and access data, and make use of computing power and storage capacity in AI projects.


To learn more about AI Sweden, please contact Ola Svedin: