BEYOND Power Hour

BEYOND Power Hour is a reversed Power Hour. Rather than entrepreneurs and startups pitching in front of expert panels from established companies, BEYOND Power Hour puts corporate organisations in the presenter role.

By participating, corporate innovation teams are given the opportunity to pitch in front of a panel of entrepreneurs that are not affiliated with their core business – to challenge pre-existing ideas and add new viewpoints on innovative, corporate projects.

BEYOND Power Hour is associated with BEYOND by Ideon Open.

If you are part of the BEYOND accelerator, or are an established corporation that is a member of Mobile Heights, you are more then welcome to participate in a BEYOND Power Hour.

Some of the companies that have participated to date include: Alfa Laval, Kraftringen, Ecophone, Skanska, and Gränges.

To learn more about BEYOND Power Hour or express your interest in participating, please contact Ola Svedin at ola.svedin(at)