BEYOND Power Hour

BEYOND Power Hour is a reversed Power Hour.

The idea for BEYOND Power Hour came up in discussions with the corporate accelerator BEYOND by Ideon Open. They wanted their corporate innovation teams to pitch in front of entrepreneurs to challenge themselves and their innovative ideas and projects. The presenting participants want to be challenged with views and questions from entrepreneurs who have nothing to do with their own core business.

As Mobile Heights has the network with entrepreneurs it was a perfect match to reverse the concept of Power Hour and put corporate organisations in the presenter role. Since then we have successfully arranged those hands-on and discussion intense meetings between corporates and entrepreneurs. Companies that have so far participated are: Alfa Laval, Kraftringen, Ecophone, Skanska & Gränges

If you are part of the BEYOND accelerator or are a big corporate organisation and a member of Mobile Heights you are more then welcome to participate in a BEYOND Power Hour! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Participating in a BEYOND Power Hour was very valuable for our innovation concept and we saw a great benefit in getting several disruptive perspectives on our hypothesis. I particularly appreciated the possibility to pick highly experienced and entrepreneurial panel members brains, outside of our normal business framework, exclusively for our project. The panel members ability to think and project several steps ahead as well as keeping the whole picture in mind – but still pinpointing and zooming in on important details was impressive and effective. Overall, a kind of a luxury situation to get access to this condensed knowledge, focused on our project! “ Mikael Dennbo, Kraftringen