Collaboration for Open Data

Data is one of society’s most strategic resources, but also one of its most underutilised assets. There is great potential for the public sector in the increased use of data – for instance, in terms of streamlining operations, increasing transparency, developing automation, and creating a better basis for decision-making.

The project “Collaboration for Open Data” (Samverkan Öppna Data) aims to increase the utilisation of open and shared data in municipalities across Skåne. Throughout the project, municipalities and regional authorities will receive support in fulfilling current laws and directives in the open data area.

The project activities will also increase knowledge, publication, and use of open data among municipalities and the business community in Skåne.


  • Increased transparency and participation. Continuing to strengthen citizen trust and confidence in the public sector’s activities.
  • Better organisation in information volumes and systems. Ensuring that open data is a natural part of the public sector’s information processing and digital development, and that it complies with current and future legislation in this area.
  • Reduced burden on the organisation. Supporting the public sector to maintain efficient and robust organisational processes.
  • Increased innovation and societal development. Providing conditions for the public sector and business community to build digital services through the use of various open data sets.


To learn more or get involved in the project “Collaboration for Open Data”, please contact Britta Duve Hansen, britta.duvehansen(at)