Current Projects


The purpose of the S3-PILOT project is to support small and medium-sized companies’ business development in the cluster through market broadening and internationalisation.

The project activities focus on

  • open innovation tools
  • internationalisation by linking companies with international partners such as other European cluster organisations
  • improved matchmaking with the support of competence mapping and
  • offering support in the innovation system via an “Ecosystem-Roadmap” for start-up companies.

The goal is to improve Mobile Heights ability to support our members by strengthening their competitiveness through business development and long-term networking.

Project period: December 2018 – December 2020

Questions? Please contact Project Manager Aline Studemund aline.studemund(at)



– Smart public spaces – an IoT platform for innovative societal development

This project consists of two pilot projects. The projects sum up to deliver a unique solution for individual needs through responsive infrastructure in workplaces and public areas. The data flow should improve city planning. To enable this, a model for open sensor infrastructure will be created. The open sensor infrastructure allows different actors to create new IoT services. Therefore, it can be considered as a step towards a connected city development.

The SOM project is financed by Vinnova and led by the City of Lund in collaboration with Mobile Heights, SP and a group of other companies within the region.

All startups and entrepreneurs with ideas are welcome to contact Project Manager Anders Trana at Future by Lund at anders.trana(at)



Mobile Heights is a stakeholder in this project through the collaborative partner Region Skåne.

“ClusteriX 2.0 is a project financed under the Interreg Europe programme that addresses the improvement of regional innovation policies by making better use of clusters. Over decades clusters have proven to be efficient policy instruments enabling cooperation between industry, research and policy, but ClusteriX 2.0 looks forward into new ways of facilitating intra and inter-regional cooperation. This shall be done by focusing on the identification and structured use of complementary industrial and research competencies and by introducing new models of innovation through the implementation of strategic cluster partnerships.”
Innovation for the smart & sustainable cities of the future. Future by Lund is an innovation platform based in Lund.
This is a meeting place for new and established participants side by side. Within our areas of focus, we create different test environments. Our focus is on “Smart Cities & Smart Citizens”. Our focus is on six challenges that will shape sustainable cities: Energy, Moving Things and People, Makers & Sharing, The Human Digital, Future Living & Spaces, and Human Centric Light

Mobile Heights has joined this project as a partner.

Like almost every other industry, the car industry has to find new ways to stay competitive. The SHOP project will enhance the understanding of the competencies and structures which need to be developed to open up innovation processes in the automotive industry. Moreover, the project will help to understand how new external suppliers can increase opportunities to establish themselves within the car industry.

Mobile Heights assignment is to introduce and connect our members to future IoT development.
The SHOP project is financed by Vinnova and run by Viktoria Swedish ICT  in collaboration with Mobile Heights, Autoliv, Ericsson and Volvo.



Joining Forces for a Sustainable eHealth Development is a project run by Lund University.

The aim of the initiative is to create a multidisciplinary and multi-partner collaboration platform that focuses on e-health research and development (digitalization of wellness, health and healthcare).
The purpose is to build a fruitful collaboration platform with external partners which combines different academic
perspectives and expertise from Lund University with the expertise, empirical questions and needs of external partners.

Mobile Heights has joined this project as a partner.



If you have any questions related to these projects or if you are interested in participating, please contact:

Johan Lindén
Senior Project Manager
Mobile Heights