DigIT Hub Sweden (EDIH)

Through DigIT Hub Sweden, we are helping the public sector and manufacturing industry in Southern Sweden increase their rate and degree of digitalisation.

Digitalisation is changing the way we interact with customers, partners, and citizens. For businesses in the manufacturing industry, the digital shift means staying competitive and relevant in an interconnected world. For the public sector, it’s a matter of meeting changing expectations, and using technology to create positive impact on society.

With DigIT Hub Sweden, our mission is to improve the way we work, do business and live – by supporting organisations on their journey towards increased digitalisation. We do this by helping the public sector and small- to medium sized manufacturing businesses in Southern Sweden through our four main pillars:

  • EDUCATE: DigIT Hub Sweden works closely with training centers, educational providers, and research institutions to help build digital skills within your organisation. We build digital capacity for those currently employed, as well as for future generations.
  • TEST: Test-before-invest environments allowing for hands-on demonstration and trial before investing in new tools or equipment that support or enable digitalisation.
  • NETWORK: DigIT Hub Sweden provides access to an innovation ecosystem that offers a range of tools and services to help you identify, select, and implement appropriate technologies and digital processes that meet your current needs. On top of this, DigIT Hub Sweden is connected to other hubs around Europe to ensure collaboration across national borders.
  • INVEST: DigIT Hub Sweden ensures that you are never alone on your digital journey, with access to financing opportunities and a vast network of partners in business, academia, and the public sector.

Through DigIT Hub Sweden’s Mission Programme, we aid organisations in their digitalisation journey by helping them implement new projects and ideas that they otherwise might not have the skills or finances to. Each Mission has the potential of being supported with up to 750’000SEK in value.

Are you a small to medium sized (manufacturing) business, or a public sector entity looking for support to digitalise? Or a provider of education/training, tools/technology, or other relevant support functions for digitalisation? Then we are looking to speak to you! Contact us to learn more about getting involved with DigIT Hub Sweden.


To learn more about DigIT Hub Sweden, please contact Magnus Bäckmark at magnus.backmark@mobileheights.org