European Digital Innovation Hub Skåne (EDIH Skåne)

The European Digital Innovation Hub Skåne (EDIH Skåne) supports organisations, companies, research institutions and political actors to get engaged in the field of Digitalisation and acts as a bridge builder for partnerships and projects, for those who want to develop innovative ideas and turn them into products and services.
The cluster and network organisations Mobile Heights, Media Evolution and IUC Syd represent the EDIH Skåne as the main stakeholders by facilitating contacts between interested actors through their extensive networks and activities in the regions of Skåne & Blekinge, Southern Sweden.
Examples of activities and support offered by the European Digital Innovation Hub Skåne (EDIH Skåne):
  • One-to-One matchmaking, between people, organisations, institutions and the public sector
  • Access to research, within Lund University, Malmö University, Kristianstad University, Blekinge University & RISE – EDIH Skåne can establish contacts to the right department or institution
  • Seminars & Workshops, are organised on a regular basis by the involved EDIH Skåne stakeholders
  • Product development or prototyping, is possible with the network of EDIH Skåne
  • Patent, QC & Test, are offered by partners within the EDIH Skåne. These offer access to testbeds, patent support, test facilities and much more
  • Information about investment, and funding opportunities are available within EDIH Skåne
To read more about specific activities and services please read more about us at Mobile Heights (ICT) here and visit the homepages of Media Evolution (Digital Industries) or IUC Syd (Industrial Development)!
The European Commission wants to Digitise European Industry by supporting networking activities in so called Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). To learn more about European Digital Innovation Hubs please continue reading here: