The Future Home for an Independent Life

Using technology and IoT-solutions to help people to live longer in their own homes

The Future Home for an Independent Life (‘Framtida hemmet för ett självständigt liv’) is a project exploring how the Internet of Things and IoT-solutions can be used to provide independence, security and quality of life for older people and/or people with disabilities.

The aim is to enable people to remain in their own homes by providing a well-adapted living environment that is able to prevent issues and predict needs.

Simultaneously, the working environment for care staff can be improved and resources freed to provide increased quality of care for the users.


Through the project, the City of Lund wants to test IoT solutions, both connected personal support technology and connected home technology, in order to contribute to a more secure daily life and so facilitate continued living at home.

This preparatory project will result in a concept, benefit analysis and supporting action plan for the “Future IoT home”. The “Future IoT home” is defined as a digital package with IoT focus that will enable users to live longer in their own homes than would be possible with current analogue systems.


Are you active in the IoT care area? Mobile Heights is looking to connect private sector actors to the initiative, and help share experience from other IoT projects. This will be of particular importance as the project continues to grow, with a desire to involve an increased number of companies in the project.


To learn more about The Future Home for an Independent Life, please contact: Ola Svedin: