The goal of the project is to bring the latest IoT security standards into reality and to demonstrate it on a real use case from the smart public spaces project, the smart city network. The expected result is to have secure data transfer from a sensor via public networks to a cloud solution without data exposure that would act as a threat to data security.
The communication techniques involved are Bluetooth mesh and NB-IoT.
The project has both the RISE Research Institute and companies from the industry as members and is a good example of how research connects to the industry to generate new products.
The project is financed by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.

To have increased security of the different IoT platforms and services that interact in this project by showing how to use the existing security mechanism for IoT as well as getting the new promising IoT security standards from IETF up and running.


  • Threat modeling and analysis of the current IoT solution in the smart public spaces project.
  • Implementation of the latest security standards such as CoAP and DTLS.
  • Implementation of future security standards for end-2-end security such as OSCORE and/or COSE.
  • Add the possibility to send secure data to the sensor (not only collecting sensor data).  
  • Verify in a real use case from the smart public spaces project, the smart city network.

The expected results are to create a foundation for how to set up a secure open network and to integrate the developed solutions into products to have end-2-end security.

We are currently not looking for additional participants.
For more information please contact Johan Lindénjohan.linden(at)