Lund Open Sensoring City

Lund Open Sensoring City is creating an open testbed for the future real-time community, where people, organizations, infrastructure, and sensor systems work together to create a sustainable environment with high quality of life.

Lund Open Sensoring City focuses on finding solutions to urban challenges – from emissions and safety issues, to resource optimization and prevention of traffic congestions. Solutions may also address micro-flows that are part of creating a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle in the city.


The open test bed that is being created as part of Lund Open Sensoring City aims to contribute to:

  • Breaking down barriers between actors
  • Involving new users and implementers
  • Provide fast and agile opportunities for start-ups, SMEs, and larger companies to quickly test and develop new solutions in an open environment
  • Aid national and international forms for scaling and replicating applications or moving applications to Lund
  • Provide the opportunity to create new values and monetize on urban data that is being generated
  • Be able to act indirectly as a policy lab for policy innovations
  • Address operational and security issues in a coherent way

Lund Open Sensoring City

To learn more about Lund Open Sensoring City, please contact Magnus Bäckmark at