Minimum Viable Device

The Minimum Viable Device project (MVD) has the aim to create a de facto standard for communication between objects – for supporting the Internet of Things (IoT) realisation.

MVD will lead to a shorter development time from idea to implementation for connected devices and services.

More people will be able to use the tools that once belonged to only the engineers, to realise their ideas. We hope that the telecommunication industry in Sweden will be in the forefront of a completely new industry, will create new business models, new jobs, new opportunities, a more sustainable society and will give solutions to many of today’s challenges.
We see devices, working prototypes, end-to-end solutions and ideas around the world to connect simple objects of our day-to-day life to Internet. The goal is to let them build networks, so that they can collaborate, talk to each other, self generate new networks in their environment and act with a certain degree of intelligence and liberty. On top of this initial stage of hardware and software architecture, a lot of new modern business models and opportunities are raising with high speed. The world has never been so connected, and the vision from some of the major global players is that in 2020 we will have more than 50 billion devices connected to the Internet.

IoT has continued to emerge as a trend in the consumer electronics sector, and everyone is trying to get into the game. This has led to complications; each industry is creating their own standard, its own cloud solution, and its own vertical, completely separated from other industries.
There is a need to create a de facto standard for giving connectivity the possibility to extend beyond industry silos, beyond business models and why not beyond the cloud too.

Minimum Viable Device (MVD) is a complete hardware and software architecture, half the size of a credit card, a gateway between Internet and Smart Things.

Slide4MVD fulfils the most important requirements based on the market needs such as: usability, reliability, cost, ecosystem, lifespan, privacy and security, a fully workable Cloud Node with both processing and storage capabilities.

The project Minimum Viable Device aims to create a process for how the device can be implemented and used in different industries.

The project will initially focus on m-Health and Transportation but will later on be extended to other industries such as Energy, Automotive and Tourism.
Special focus is made on aspects such as privacy and security, i.e. that the user decides on which information it shares with third parties

Another aspect the project will focus on is User Experience and User Interface for IoT, trying to find a generic and easy way to communicate with devices without display.

The third aspect is to increase the ecosystem of smart things using Bluetooth Smart and WiFi as technologies and for promoting MVD as de facto standard.

Together with SME’s, large enterprises, public sector and academia, MVD will be used and developed in real environments, in specific projects, to support multiple industry verticals and create an open horizontal platform.  This will be done through different work packages using an agile process approach for improving both user experience and for increasing scalability into different industries.

For more information about the project, please contact Ola Svedin at