Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute will be inaugurated June 3rd by triple helix to further strengthen Sweden’s mobile technology industry

Lund, June 3 2013

Lund University, Sony Mobile and Region Skåne have partnered to create a new research institute in Sweden. The Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute at Lund University (MAPCI) will focus on distributed cloud technology and also take on the explicit role of bridge-builder between the existing mobile research and industry in the Skåne region. MAPCI is being inaugurated Monday June 3rd at the campus in Lund, Sweden, where Sony Mobile, Ericsson, ST-Ericsson and Mobile Heights already reside.

The founders aim to contribute in making a minimum of 100 million Swedish kronor (approximately $ 14 million or EUR 11 million) of funding available for the institute over a ten year period. In addition, Swedish and international research funding agencies are expected to support the institute. The creation of MAPCI is a clear example of the implementation of the Swedish Government’s National Innovation Strategy.

Today, completely different industries – such as energy, health, mining and automotive – are discovering the opportunities wireless technologies offer. As one example, Ericsson predicts that over 50 billion devices will connect to the internet by the year 2020. With this novel scope MAPCI will break new ground and push the research frontier within both software and communications research and, additionally, make it available to industry in ways that are not possible in more traditional models.

Based in Southern Sweden and initiated by the regional council of Skåne, Mobile Heights is a mobile industry association whose members represent more than 7,000 highly qualified employees and a remarkable breadth of enterprise. Mobile Heights’ mission is for the members to act in unison to establish Southern Sweden as an internationally leading region in research, innovation and entrepreneurship in mobile communications and its entire value chain in hardware, software and services.

Besides being a key contributor in the creation of MAPCI, the association provides business support to innovative start-up companies through the Mobile Heights Business Center, and also coordinates world-class research in microelectronics (SOS), software (EASE) and applications (NMSA) at Lund University, Blekinge Institute of Technology and Malmö University. This strong research foundation will now be complemented by MAPCI’s focus on distributed cloud technology – a new area combining communications and software technologies. This is one of the key enabling technologies for 50 billion connected devices and the next generation of digital services such as music, news, movies and games.

– Todays cloud is in faraway server halls. The cloud of tomorrow will be all around us, says Björn Ekelund, Vice President of Ecosystem, Research & Innovation at ST-Ericsson and the institute’s acting director.


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