Mobile Heights Speaker Series:IP

Four times a year, the Mobile Heights Speaker Series – IP (Intellectual Property), will bring together top IP law firms from Sweden and Denmark, who will share their knowledge and best practices on intellectual property topics.  

The series aims to enhance your knowledge about how to take care of your innovations, discoveries, data, and identity. The experts will navigate you through the challenges related to IP rights protection and how they can best be addressed within a wide range of disciplines.

Come, meet, and learn from experts about topics such as patents, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, technology transfer, geographical indications, innovation strategy, enforcement, and more!


OCT 14, 2021 – ZACCO – Identifying IP in a digital business ideaWatch the recording here

NOV 25, 2021 – HØIBERG – Patenting of software and artificial intelligence
Watch the recording here

FEB 10, 2022 – POTTER CLARKSON – IP & trade secrets – Watch the recording here

APRIL 28, 2022 – BRANN – Patent Strategy – Watch the recording here

Participation is free and the events will be held online between 11:00 – 12:00



Zacco is a modern, full-service intellectual property consultancy and have 150 years experience of innovative thinking. It is one of Europe’s largest IP consultancies with around 30 local offices in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Norway, India and the United Kingdom. Read more

By combining the traditional IP disciplines with cyber security, software development and digital brands, we take care of your ideas, innovations, data, identity – and all of your other intangible assets that you can’t put your finger on. We protect them, give you ownership and make them yours to keep – now and in the future. We call it a 360° perspective on intellectual property.” – Zacco


HØIBERG is a full-service patent agency providing counseling within the areas of Intellectual Property Rights, including Patents, Designs, Innovation Management, Technology Transfer, Business Development, and Patent Portfolio Valuation. We assist you at every stage of development – from idea to realisation. Read more.

Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) is about protecting the future. HØIBERG’s aim is to continue to be best in class to secure your tomorrow, today. We deliver high quality IP advice so that your inventions can have maximal impact in the future, and ensure a return on the investments you make on research and development.” – HØIBERG


Potter Clarkson’s mission is to accelerate companies, organisations and individuals´ success in delivering innovations to market by providing commercially-focused, strategic IP advice that fully supports the achievement of their business goals. They have a large team of dedicated patent attorneys, many with scientific experience at PhD level and beyond, who specialize in defined areas of technology (such as software, electronics and engineering). Read more

We are excited to be taking part in this series of educational seminars and webinars.  I have enjoyed attending events organised by the Mobile Heights team in the past and I look forward to giving back to the community and providing some information which I hope helps other members in making strategic commercial decisions about their intellectual property strategy”, says Dr Christopher Hartland, European and UK Patent Attorney at Potter Clarkson.


BRANN AB is a full-service intellectual property (IP) law firm servicing innovative companies by creating and defending protection for their IP. BRANN’s mission is to provide their clients with an optimized, cost efficient and intelligent intellectual property protection adding value to their business. Read more

“Protection of IP is important due to the fact that the creation of IP involves much effort and high cost. BRANN AB takes part in this project because we are genuinely interested in our clients’ business. We are professional and wish to work close to our clients in an engaging manner”, says Mats Lindgren, PhD, Authorized Swedish Patent Attorney at BRANN AB.