Mobilitet på Tvärs

The project “Mobilitet på Tvärs” promotes green mobility by introducing new and innovative mobility solutions to support accessibility throughout Greater Copenhagen.

There is a need for green mobility that ensures that the labor market is geographically cohesive, supports rural life, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions from transport. This is the challenge for future transports in Greater Copenhagen and the reason why 17 partners in Sweden and Denmark have joined forces in an interregional project.

Cross-border mobility will promote green mobility among residents through new mobility solutions such as car pools (shared cars), carpooling and high-speed bicycles.

The project will also work to strengthen the interaction between different modes of transport – across municipal and national borders and between urban and rural areas.

For example, the project will start by trying to introduce new mobility solutions in new geographical areas outside the big cities, by involving the inhabitants. The results must be collected and conceptualized so that they can be used by other actors.

In the long term, 10-15 years, the project hopes that an effect is that more people travel together with others, so-called shared mobility, that more people cycle, and that more people combine their journeys in different modes of transport. The project hopes to contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and to promoting coherent mobility, not only in the cities of Greater Copenhagen but also in rural areas.

Mobilitet på Tvärs

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