The project aims to explore the potential of companies sharing data for machine learning with others, similar to sharing open source software. The cost of collecting, quality assuring and maintaining data is expected to rise and for such data that does not contribute to competitive advantages, open data collaboration can be a way to save costs. In that way, resources can be used to develop distinctive and innovative aspects of company products and services, similar to how open source software has revolutionised the mobile world.


We want to explore the challenges companies identify, and which bridges can help to nudge the companies in the direction of OCD. We see OCD as a counterpart to Open Source Software (OSS) and Open Innovation (OI). In contrast to Open Data (OD), which e.g. governmental agencies provide to catalyse innovation, OCD is shared in collaboration among organisations, similar to OSS.


The project is financed by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.



To explore the potential in open collaborative data for machine learning to ensure competitive and innovative Swedish companies. 

To understand how an open data platform can increase the use of machine learning.

Through workshops and discussions with companies, the aim is to understand how to create an open data platform.



  • Perform a study of how sharing open data can be organised.

  • Survey the need for data for different machine learning applications for Swedish companies and public sectors and if open data collaboration can address these needs.

  • Validate the conclusions in the form of an open workshop.



The anticipated result is to get companies to start to explore and discuss OCD internally as well as with other companies. This will hopefully lead to an increased willingness to fund further research into the topic.

A potential continuation is also to help create an OCD community to act as a data broker between partners.  



If you find this concept proposal interesting and would like to provide your input, you are welcome to do so.

There are currently not any more workshop sessions schedules but you can provide your input by contacting Sofie Westerdahl, sofie.westerdahl(at)