Past Projects

IoT for Packaging in Logistics
Packbridge and Mobile Heights have done a preliminary study on behalf of Region Skåne within “IoT for Packaging in Logistics”, focusing on summarizing previous and ongoing projects in the field of packaging and logistics. The analysis provides valuable information to start a new project, build on or bring together projects.

Care for the Future
Today there is an ongoing modernization of several hospitals in Skåne. Mobile Heights is contributing to a project led by Region Skåne which focuses on the development of the Hospital of Helsingborg. The project analyses the needs of the healthcare sector and what technology can be used to meet theses needs in order to improve future healthcare.

Minimum Viable Device
In the project Minimum Viable Device (MVD) Mobile Heights investigated the possibility of developing an open connectivity device, built as an open horizontal platform, key enabler to connect all industry verticals, preparing for 50 billion connected devices 2020.
READi for Health 
The READi for Health project aimed at strengthening the research potential of four leading eHealth regions (Murcia, Skåne, Oulu and Midi-Pyrénées) by supporting their triple helix clusters to become world-class players in domains related to the EU Digital Agenda for Healthcare.



If you have any questions related to these projects or if you are interested in participating, please contact:

Johan Lindén
Senior Project Manager
Mobile Heights