System Design on Silicon (SoS)

A key motivation for SoS is to strengthen Swedish competitiveness in wireless communications through providing research at the international forefront in the area of system design on silicon.

The main focus of the center is to develop novel architectures and circuit solutions for terminals in the area of wireless communication. To achieve efficient solutions and provide application flexibility the hardware platform is developed jointly with the overall system specification. Therefore, the center has a close cooperation with researcher in adjacent fields, both in academia and industry.

Several projects has been initiated in cooperation between the partners in for example the fields of transmitters with adaptive impedance matching, micro and mm-wave CMOS Circuits, all-digital PLL frequency synthesizers, high performance AD- converters, low-power digital circuits and reconfigurable computing. Furthermore the center activities connect to the emerging field of nano-electronics. The research achievements will be addressed in this annual report.

SoS has a solid foundation and is an import resource in providing the possibility to have a long term research agenda. Furthermore, SoS works as a key enabler in attracting additional research projects. Worth mentioning is the recently granted initiative within the Swedish government’s strategic research support ELLIIT, together with Linköping University, and the EU FP7 project DRAGON together with among others the SoS partners Ericsson AB and Infineon.

For more information contact: Viktor Öwall, Research Director

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