Investigating and preparing for a regional semiconductor network in Skåne

European industry is dependent on access to semiconductors, and semiconductor shortages in recent years have proven to pose a serious risk to our economy and society. It is therefore important to strengthen and secure Swedish resources in the semiconductor industry. Here, Skåne’s innovation ecosystem holds great potential to contribute to meeting the complex semiconductor challenges that European and Swedish industries have been struggling with.

Through the Semiconductor Pre-Study, the goal is to investigate the conditions for if and how experiences from “semiconductor stakeholders” in Skåne (academia, incubators, industry, public sector) can be taken further, and organised more clearly in a regional and national context. This also provides the foundation for developing a proposal and action plan for Skåne’s semiconductor strategy.

In summary, the Semiconductor Pre-Study aims to:

  • To discuss and identify the needs of regional actors within the field of semiconductors
  • To develop a regional strategy involving universities, infrastructures, and companies
  • To prepare for the establishment of a regional semiconductor network

Organisations with an interest in semiconductor research and business are invited to participate in the pre-study. The main criteria for participating is a desire to strengthen and develop the regional semiconductor value-chain.

Rapport – Förstudie: Halvledarnätverk och en strategisk färdplan för Skåne (in Swedish)

As a result of the project, a proposal and action plan for Skåne’s semiconductor strategy has also been developed.

Access the report here: Skåne’s semiconductor value chain and directions for the future, in relation to the European Chips Act

To learn more about the Semiconductor Pre-Study, please contact: Janos Olajos: