Skåne’s Skilled Competencies and Talent Study

Understanding the skilled talent challenges that Skåne’s leading innovative SMEs face

In recent years, Sweden has experienced a well-documented skilled talent challenge, with businesses throughout the country expressing grave concern that they will not be able to achieve their growth targets without additional support in ensuring an adequate supply of skilled talent – including attraction and retention policies.

This shortfall is particularly acute in the technology sector, where specialized technical skills are in enormous demand. Without more skilled workers, Skåne’s cutting-edge innovators will be forced to curtail their growth strategies, resulting in suboptimal economic performance.

In order to address this, the first step is to adequately capture the scope of the problem, with on-the-ground facts from employers in the region. The aim of this study was therefore two-fold:

  1. To analyze the specific skilled talent challenges that Skåne’s leading innovative SMEs face; and, 
  2. To articulate a variety of strategies and policies to address this problem.

As part of the project, leaders at tech companies in Skåne were invited to participate in an informational survey. In addition to the survey, a series of in-depth interviews were also conducted with companies, to enable us to understand the unique challenges they face.

The Skåne Skilled Competencies and Talent Study was an initiative from Ideon Science Park, Mobile Heights, and Media Evolution City. It was funded by Region Skåne and Tillväxtverket.


To learn more about the study, please contact Carolina Garcés, carolina.garces(at)