DEC 3 – DIGIT HUB – Once Upon a Failure

Well hello, fellow failure hero! We all make mistakes. Some opt to cover them up and never speak about them – but you are not like that. You see failure as an opportunity to grow, learn and bounce back. Through DigIT Hub’s event series “Once Upon a Failure”, we are highlighting that the journey of digitalisation isn’t always easy. We do this by sharing stories of failure in a light-hearted and fun manner, using a virtual studio and stage for you to meet our inspiring guest speakers.

OCT 21 – DIGIT HUB – Starting a Start-up in CleanTech & Digitalisation

Interested in cleantech or digitalization? Considering becoming an entrepreneur? This is an opportunity for students and aspiring entrepreneurs to meet experienced female entrepreneurs, expand your network and meet people who can help you succeed. Join us!

OCT 8 – DIGIT HUB – Kompetensförsörjning i praktiken

Varmt välkommen till en träff där vi tillsammans fokuserar på effektfull och genomförbar kompetensförsörjning. (Hosted in Swedish).