Technology Networks

Mobile Heights Technology Networks offers a forum for peer-to-peer interaction and support in the following technology fields: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber Security, and Mobility Tech.

The purpose of each Technology Network is to bring together individuals with relevant knowledge and skills, and collaboratively discuss interesting and/or challenging topics in this field. The networks are aimed at technicians actively working in each respective field, and each participant’s place in the network is personal.


Access to technical expertise: Participating in a Technology Network grants you access to technical expertise from some of the leading players in the field. With your help, we create a platform for exciting discussions and knowledge sharing. 

Networking with other members and companies: Our Technology Networks offer you the opportunity to collaborate with other members and companies in the technology sector. It’s the perfect platform to establish valuable connections. 

Focus on technology and business benefits: Our Technology Networks have a unique focus on both technology and the business benefits of implemented technology. It’s about not only understanding the technology but also maximizing its business potential. 

Live network meetings: We hold regular network meetings (four times a year), and meet in person. Food and drinks are included.


There is a limited number of spots available per cohort (typically capped at 15 people per group), and we reserve the right to choose who participates. The cost to participate is 5000 SEK per year. For Mobile Heights members, participation in the network is free of charge. 

If you’re interested in joining the network, please contact Magnus Bäckmark for more information: