We believe that creating a circular economy for materials – and a better market for reused materials – all starts with better identification of materials with better sensors.

Through the Waste Identification Testbed, we are building a testbed for automated identification and accelerated recycling of industrial waste. With the help of sensors and advanced robotics, the ability to identify and sort materials in industrial waste will be improved, increasing the reuse of materials and accelerating the transition to a circular economy.

The project is led by Mobile Heights and Innovation Skåne in collaboration with several organizations and companies in Southern Sweden. The Waste Identification Testbed is also supported through a grant from the Microsoft Datacenter Community Development team’s Community Environmental Sustainability program.

The goal is for new innovations in waste management to be implemented and shared widely throughout the industry.

The test bed for identification of waste materials is an open platform where companies and researchers can test, compare, and evaluate different types of sensors for identification of reusable materials in a real-world setting. The project funds will be used for building the actual “brick and mortar” of the testbed, designed to easily plug in sensors.

We are looking to engage providers of sensor technology that could be suitable for use in waste identification. Get involved for the opportunity to test your sensors in a real waste sorting environment!

Waste Identification Testbed

To learn more about the Waste Identification Testbed, please contact Ola Svedin: ola.svedin@mobileheights.org